Hack NTX is a 100% community organized hackathon by TechMill, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit focused on building community through networking, events, and education.

This event is a first of it's kind for our organization and our community. Since the founding of TechMill, we have had a long history of creating and supporting tech and smart city initiatives in our home city of Denton. Whether it was open data, government transparency, or civic engagement - we've always had a soft spot for civic technology.

For 2018, a successful event means curating a list of projects with attainable, productive outcomes within a day, and providing the top teams (as chosen by the judges) with cash prizes. We want everyone to have a great time, become more aware of the smart city initiatives around North Texas, and provide the organizations with projects with validation or prototype of their innovative ideas.

Corporate Sponsor?

We need YOU! This event could not be held without contributions from organizations like you. TechMill is a volunteer led, registed 501(c)(3) nonprofit who has been organizing startup and tech events since 2014 - Startup Weekend, Open Data Day, Bootstrap Denton, and a long list of hands-on educational workshops. Any excess donations that exceed our event expense budget is reinvested back into these community initiatives.

If your company provides products or services in the software or hardware industries, we're also looking for in-kind donations and prize tracks.

Does your company:

  • Provide an SMS API?
  • Operate a cloud hosting platform?
  • Or build IoT hardware?
We can help you set up a prize track for teams to utilize your platform as part of their smart city application. Contact us at [email protected], we'd be happy to help. Below is an overview of the types of sponsorships available at each price level.

Because of the cash prize incentive to generate a pool, only Smart City tier sponsors will be eligible to submit project ideas.

Front End

Venue, food, drinks, swag, prize packages, supplies, services, tech, etc.

Back End

Money used to cover all behind-the-scenes expenses during the event.

Full Stack
(in-kind + cash)

Any combination of Cash and In-Kind support towards the event.

Select sponsors will be able to present their business challenges and civic projects to the event participants.

Smart City Tier


Express Pay
Contact Us

Smart City icon
  • Two solo social media shout outs on all channels
  • Company name included in press release
  • Company logo displayed in all paid marketing
  • Opportunity to speak during keynote or closing
  • 4 participant and/or audience tickets (total)
  • Includes everything in City Planner and Civic Duties

City Planner Tier


Express Pay
Contact Us

Smart City icon
  • Opportunity to display sign or banner at the event
  • Booth or table at event
  • 2 participant and/or audience tickets
  • Logo included on hackathon shirt*
  • Includes everything in Civic Duties

Civic Duties Tier

≤ $500

Express Pay
Contact Us

Smart City icon
  • Company name / logo listed on the event website
  • Hand out materials, swag, and/or related collateral
  • Organization logo included in all event slide decks
  • Group social media shoutout on all channels
  • Mentioned on stage by the event facilitator


Contact us at [email protected]

TechMill, Inc is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization as determined by the IRS. Donations to TechMill may be tax deductible depending on details. Consult your tax professional.

* Sponsorship payment will need to be made before shirt production begins (1-2 weeks before event)