Your ideas power the event!

We're all citizens in the cities we live in. When we go out to drive, shop, eat, drink, or even in our own homes and neighborhoods - we sometimes encounter issues of our own that could be fixed or improved. These can vary wildly in implementation and effort. For example:

  • We see a big pothole in a road - but how can we report it?
  • People seem to be complaining about air quality but our city isn't addressing it, but maybe we can capture some of our own samples to collect more data.
  • It's difficult to find my trash pickup times for our neighborhood - can we make that easier to find?
  • Our downtown area doesn't have public wifi - what are the obstacles to address that?
  • How can we find out about the construction projects that are going on around our city?
  • Can we use open data to correlate accidents to intersections to fix the most dangerous ones?

Below is a link to some of the data resources for the event:

Challenge Datasets

The number of ideas that could be worked on are limitless, but you should try and find something you're passionate about, or even find interesting as a technology solution. Could we build a chatbot based on data scraped from a city website? If you find chatbots and data scraping interesting - then this is the project for you!

But we do want to encourage you to pitch your own idea. Click the button below to add your own idea to the list below!