For the hackathon, there are an abundant amount of resources provided by Major League Hacking as part of Local Hack Day, which includes all things in Github’s Education pack and a $100 credit for Azure from Microsoft. You can find a list of all MLH resources at

Most of the tools in here are limited to students only, but fret not! We’ve done our research and have created a list of free and cheap resources below that are open to anyone!


An open source, hackable text editor by Github.

Visual Studio Code (VSCode)

An open source, hackable text editor by Microsoft.

Digital Ocean

Get $100 in credit for signing up with a new account.


Will match dollar-for-dollar credit up to $100.

Google Cloud Platform

$300 in free credits, plus lifetime limited free tier for most products.


Heroku is a cloud platform based on a managed container system.


A free Git client for Windows and Mac.


Free private repos, up to 50 min/month in CI pipelines.


Unlimited free and private repos, up to 2000 min/mon in pipelines.


Deploy a micro or small instance for free.


Great place to find dev tools.


Alternative source for general tech and non-technical resources.

Learn How To Program

Free platform with courses for learning how to program.